Budgeting And Timeline

  1. Budgeting and timeline
    These are arguably two crucial aspects of website design and are interconnected as well. How much does it cost to develop a website and how much time do you need to do it?
    The actual design and development process may take anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months and sometimes even longer depending on the complexity and the features to be incorporated. The budget required also depends on the timeline as longer the time required, higher would be the development costs.
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    It is imperative that you set a realistic timeline for completion of the project and website requirements assist you in making accurate estimates. Once the timeline has been established, you can determine the budget and get started with the actual development.
    Non-functional requirements
  2. Security: The user information collected by your website is subject to a number of data protection regulations and compliances. For example, if your website falls under the healthcare domain you need to adhere to HIPAA compliance, European Union norms mandate GDPR
  3. compliance, in case of ecommerce websites or anything related to online transactions, PCI compliance has to be ensured and so on. Ensuring data security and privacy has become of utmost importance in today’s market. An SSL security certificate not only secures user data, but it also helps you boost up your Google rankings.
  4. Usability: User experience design has become a must for any website. The application needs to function seamlessly across a range of devices including laptops, personal computers, tablets and mobile phones of various screen sizes and resolutions. A responsive web design company would ensure that responsiveness testing of your website takes place to ensure superior browsing experience of the customers irrespective of whether they use laptops or mobile devices.
  5. Marketing and social media integration: A stellar website won’t make any contribution to your business unless people hear about it. Search engine optimization and social media integration improve the discoverability of your website ensuring that it reaches the target audience and gets widespread adoption. The web content needs to be high-quality and needs to incorporate the targeted keywords in order to ensure higher visibility.
  6. Loading speed: One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of web development is ensuring faster loading speed of the web pages. Web design plays an important role in ensuring low loading times and faster loading speeds. The graphics, images and other content management has to be done in such a manner that it facilitates seamless loading of the web application in a fraction of time.
  7. Analytics: Analytics tools such as Google Analytics give you insights into the user behavior on your website. The data collected imparts an element of measurability to the website design . You can know the design regions that are working as well as those that aren’t and can improve upon the latter.

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