The Design Out Come

Providing users with information relating to their performance levels, such as the number of positive reviews you have gained from your peers or other users, can give them the incentive to persevere with a task or a range of tasks, depending on the nature of the experience. In addition, you could offer users the opportunity to gain collectible achievements, such as ‘medals’ or an elevated status within an online community, as is the case on the e-commerce site Amazon, where a user can become a ‘Vine Voice’ member or a ‘Top 1000 Reviewer’, or even enter the ‘Hall of Fame Reviewers’.
Author/Copyright holder: Amazon. Copyright terms and license: Fair Use.
The Amazon website allows users to earn badges for the reviews they provide. Reviews are important to the user experience of Amazon customers, so leaving a review is a behavior that they want to encourage. Here, the achievements in the form of badges are combined with the leader-board design pattern so as to encourage a feeling of competition.

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